It was in Turin in 1861 when the Ferrero family devised the original recipe for GRAN TORINO vermouth, combining grapes carefully selected from the Piedmont hillsides with mountain herbs and entirely natural essences.
GRAN TORINO, which has been granted the Italian “No.3 License”, immediately became one of the most sought-after vermouths in Italy and throughout the world. Receiving various medals and acknowledgements in domestic and international competitions, it quickly became the official supplier of the Savoy family, the Italian Royal Household.
Much has changed since then, but not the ancient and still-secret traditional recipe with its intense, unmistakable flavour and strong character. For over a century, this respected tradition has carried forward the outstanding quality of its glorious past. GRAN TORINO is still produced in the same establishment in Turin as it was in 1861. It is the product of the same care and passion it has received for over a century, without compromise, through generations of consumers.